The I-95 Clash: Riverside CC vs. Sunrise CC
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NAME: Shree Harbajan
Position: Wicket keeper/Right Arm Batsman
Height: 5'5
Weight: 185
Profile: Going in first or last, Shreenarine Harbajan is the symbolic heart of Sunrise steamrolling agenda. He is simultaneously a cheerful throwback to more innocent times, a flap-eared country boy from Guyana who’s motto is to just “whack the ball all over the ground” is how he described his philosophy on batting, and he seldom strays from it. Employing a high-on-the-handle grip, he pokes good balls into gaps and throttles all others, invariably with head straight, wrists soft and balance sublime. Only at the death does he jettison the textbook, whirling his bat like a hammer-thrower, caring only for the scoreboard and never his average As a wicketkeeper he lacks the best acrobatics and finesse, But if he clutches few screamers he drops even fewer sitters. Eventually his jangling knees might tempt him to give up the gloves and stay up the order as a specialist batsman. But tomorrow can wait.

Saturday, 6/18/2016 11:30:00 AM

Sunrise Cricket Club 0
Riverside CC 0

The next game has not been scheduled yet.

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