The I-95 Clash: Riverside CC vs. Sunrise CC
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About the Sunrise Cricket Club of New York

Our Genesis and Growth

In the summer of 1989 the founder, Mr. Sunildat Ballie, received a call from a close friend, Mr. Terry Persaud of Caribbean Sports Club, Toronto, Canada. He wanted Mr Ballie to host Caribbean Sports Club for one cricket match on the club's tour of New York in the same year. Sunildat confesses that he had never played this form of cricket previously. However, when Terry Persaud called eventually for Sunildat to receive him and his team at the JFK International that summer, he then realized that his friend had been dead serious. The outcome of all of this was that Mr. Ballie hurriedly put together an outfit which was baptized the" "Hurricanes". It included: Stanley Raj, Sunildat Ballie, Sohan Bheer, Peter, Paul and Ramjit Singh, Derrick Kallicharran, Hafiz Shaed and JC Ballie among others.

In the one-off match played in Flushing that summer the Canadian team prevailed over their New York counterparts. Sadly, shortly after their return to Canada, Mr. Ranji of Caribbean Sports Club died and in his memory the two fraternal clubs have continued to play for the Ranji Memorial Trophy. Since that hurried and unexpected beginning the Cricket Club Sunrise has grown from strength to strength. In 1990 the loosely formed club adopted its present name and took on a formalized structure. It laid out the criteria for selection to its representative teams both here in the USA and for tours abroad. And these have remained very strict. The club's management has always spent considerable time and resources to invite individual players to participate in its program of activities. These persons have had to be role models in their own rights and have not necessarily had to be the best cricketers in the USA. According to Mr. Sohan Bheer the turnover rate of persons not measuring up to the high ideals of Sunrise CC has been negligible and more than eighty percent of those who have subscribed to the SCC have remained loyal and committed to it over the years.

Sunrise Cricket Club is indeed proud of its track record. It afforded youth cricketers, Inshan Ali and Rudy Narine, the opportunity to travel and play on overseas tours, gave them the necessary exposure, even before they were noticed by the National Selectors. Several West Indies past Test players including Alvin Kallicharran and Sew Shivnarine have played and continue to play for SCC. Numerous Guyanese national players, among them Derrick Kallicharran (who is probably the most unfortunate player of his caliber never to have donned WI colors and remains arguably the best batsman in the USA today) has played and continues to identify with the club.

As all cricketing administrators are so painfully aware, funding for such annual undertakings like the local and international ventures of SCC do have a cost factor. In this regard Sunrise has been blessed by two corporate sponsorships. Firstly, thanks to Mr. Scott Sisskind and Mr. Tony Shafiek, President and Vice-President of First Republic Mortgage Bank Inc. who have been and continue to support SCC in most tangible ways. Secondly and recently. Universal Airlines, through the generous commitment of Mrs. Savitri Singh, Vice-president and Mr. Vishnu Mahadeo, Communications Director. In addition, mention should also be made of the continued contributions of individual founder members to the coffers of SCC. Complementing these efforts have been other bodies and sports shops that have donated cricketing materials for gifts especially intended for Guyanese Cricket clubs.

Mr. Sunildat Ballie said that he conceptualized of the overseas aspect of SCC agenda mainly through his boyhood dreams of playing cricket for the West Indies and touring all those far off and distant lands. This is indeed a far cry from his bumper-ball pasturing days at First Street, Cummings Lodge. Today he is very proud of his achievement in successfully nurturing a dream to being a continuous and manageable entity.

SCC has numerous other outstanding invitations both locally and internationally such as the UK, Trinidad and Tobago, Cayman Islands, etc. Currently, home and away matches are played in Connecticut, Seattle, Washington, Washington DC, Maryland, New Jersey and Florida. The SCC is committed to playing in Guyana for the America s Cricket Cup, Bermuda for the Atlantic Cup and in Canada for the Ranji Memorial Trophy. Thousands of E-Mail reach the SCC at:

Reprinted from SCC Magazine, April 2002.

Saturday, 6/18/2016 11:30:00 AM

Sunrise Cricket Club 0
Riverside CC 0

The next game has not been scheduled yet.

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